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WHY DO YOU WANT ISO 9001:2015?

WHY DO YOU WANT ISO 9001:2015?

Why do you want ISO 9001:2015?

Most companies obtain it because their customers say they can’t keep them on a tender list without it.

This is a big mistake!

Why do large original equipment manufacturers spend so much money on systems when their end user doesn’t care whether they possess certification.

The reason is the end user does care about the quality of their product because their long-term brand loyalty will be dependent on this perception.

I have worked with various size companies to obtain approvals and I know the companies who install system and believe in them grow turnover year on year. For companies turning over less than a million, it is usually 50% increase per year, year on year.

When the culture within the company is committed the mistakes stop and effort is focused on positive activities, not headless chicken cavalry charges to save the day.

These reactionary initiatives are commendable but stupid.

So, what do I need to do to achieve culture?

  • You must consider everyone in the company to be important.
  • Your equipment must be efficient and well maintained.
  • Your workforce skills analysed, and a career path open to everyone, however humble.
  • Consider every issue you have and try to take out a long-term weakness.
  • Your work place must be so clean any clutter stands out like a flashing light.
  • Do not tolerate negative thinking.
  • Know exactly how your customers perceive you, even if it’s not good.
  • Turn the flow from Enquiry to Invoice into a process flow, but it must be simple

How do I start?

  • Start with a strategy
  • Do a simple Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) Risk Assessment
  • Then look at your Enquiry to Invoice process and highlight Major Risks within that.
  • Multiply Likelihood X Scale of Problem X Cost = Risk evaluation. 1 is Low – 5 is High.
  • You will find scores of more than 30 need Control Measures.
  • These measures will indicate who is responsible and have a target date.
  • Once you have a list of Control Measures they become your Objectives.
  • Add your Business Plan Objectives and you have a Holistic Plan for your organisation.
  • Document a meeting once a month to record how you’re doing
  • Discuss KPI around things that are important, on time delivery, customer perception etc.

How do I change culture and cut mistakes?

  • People must feel valued by the company.
  • You can start with a skills matrix.
  • Include all the basic functions of the company, Order processing, Welding, Fire Marshall etc.
  • Add Time keeping, Time management, Support of colleagues etc.
  • Have an annual review where the worker marks his score.
  • Without seeing the worker score, a supervisor or manager will mark his opinion.
  • Look for major differences, the important ones are people who undervalue themselves.
  • Make people have ownership.
  • We used to send 1000’s of fan housings @ $50 a pop to Chicago Telecom.
  • Many failed but the margin was high, so a replacement was sent without question.
  • We asked the final inspectors to place inside a sticker with his / her works number on it.
  • When the fans returned we could work out any problems, eye sight etc.
  • Occasionally someone would say what do you think of this?
  • I would send it by DHL, the answer would be that’s OK but no worse.
  • We had a test piece.
  • In the next 3 years we shipped $21 million, zero returns, six sigma performances.
  • Just through a little sticker and personal responsibility.

How do we increase profits?

  • Work out where money is held in your company. It’s called capital productivity.
  • It may be outstanding invoices, stock, wages, suppliers, equipment depreciation.
  • You must know how much margin you make on each product or service.
  • I know a large catalogue company in Worcester drooled at their ladies’ dress margins.
  • They also considered garden products to be hardly worth the effort.
  • An accountant found due to the number of returns, sometimes soiled, dresses lost money
  • Wheel barrows never came back and were a much better proposition!
  • So, work out where money is tied up, how much effort you put in, and the margin achieved.
  • When you have an accurate picture focus your future on the winners.
  • You will also find as you take errors from the system your process efficiency will increase.
  • Remember to have metrics, if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.
  • Your brand image will increase, and this will lead you up the food chain.
  • That’s without marketing or websites come into play.

How do I start?

  • There is nothing difficult, but you will need a consultant.
  • Be careful, they do say the last refuge of a scoundrel is consultancy!
  • The only reason it’s worth having one is to save someone reinventing a generic wheel.
  • The consultant will have the basic mandatory templates.
  • You need to choose someone in your organisation to work with the consultant.
  • Avoid senior management or health and safety people, your project will grind to a halt.
  • Try to find someone in administration who would consider the task a promotion.
  • The transfer of knowledge from the consultant to your employee is important.
  • You don’t want control of your system with a third party whose interest is to prolong things.
  • Request references from other successful projects that have gained certification.
  • Panacea run on line support now through google hang out or skype.
  • This gives much less interruption and the cost is lower.

What will I need to do?

  • Everything we have mentioned in the Blog is all you need to do.
  • Simple good business practice, nothing more.
  • When we think we have achieved the standard we will agree an audit schedule.
  • We will check all documentation, where necessary issue Opportunities for improvement.
  • Then arrange for a UKAS approved certification body to conduct their Stage 1 audit.
  • This audit will check the work we have done for you meets the requirements of the standard.
  • Stage 2 will follow a month later and focuses on objective evidence such as Job records.

How do I start?

Easy, give us a call for a free no obligation quote

Look forward to hearing from you!

M Corper.


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